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Cat care within your own home :

Cats are extremely sensitive and really don't cope with change very well.  My Cat Sitting service enables your cat to continue with his or her daily routine within their familiar surroundings without any disruption or stress to either them or you while you are away.

Your cat will loved and cared for in exactly the same way as you do, following the same routine they are familiar with and making them feel loved and secure while you are away.

Whether it is short or long term I can care for your cat whenever you need me.  Emergency care is always available if you have to leave home in an emergency.

Small pet sitting within your own home :

If you have a small pet that needs to be cared for then I would be delighted to take care of them for you, I have extensive experience of caring for a wide range of small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, chipmunks, birds and reptiles.  There is no limit so whatever pet you have I am sure I can help.

Key collection, care and security :


I know that it is extremely difficulty leaving your home and precious pet in the care of a stranger.  Trust is extremely important.  I am completely committed to making sure you are happy, secure and confident in the knowledge that your pet and home is in the best hands possible. 


Once you have met me and are completely happy you can then decide what you would like to do about key access. 


Depending on how soon the care begins I would suggest that you have a spare key available for me when I come around for my visit.  If there is a length of period before care begins then you can arrange for me to call back at a later date to collect the key (there is no charge for this).  When care is over I can either pop the key through your letter box, return the key to you at a later date or hold on to the key if you are planning to travel regularly.


Again, I take my responsibilities extremely seriously and never underestimate the amount of trust you are putting in me to take care of your pet and your home while you are away.


While I am loving and caring for your pet I am also providing security for your home, I continuously check to make sure everything is secure and as it should be, I open and close curtains, turn on and off lights in the morning and evening (if you need me to) collect post from the mat so it doesn't look obvious that you are away, put your black and recycling bins out if you need me to and ensure that your home is kept clean and tidy for your return.

What is included in my care package :


- Ensuring your pet has enough to eat and drink
- Basic grooming

- Exercise and garden supervision
- Playtime, cuddles and lots of attention
- Ensuring your home is clean and tidy
- Putting your wheelie bin out

- Watering plants

- Picking up post from your doormat

- Sending you regular photos and updates

- Key collection

Emergencies :


I have been extremely lucky to have not had to take any pet I have ever cared for to the vet for treatment, however it is always best to be prepared. 


In case of an emergency I will contact you immediately.  If for any reason I cannot contact you I will then do my very best to contact the person you have nominated as a point of contact while you are away.  I always stress that if there is an emergency and I cannot contact you or your nominated contact I will have the authority to take your pet to the vet immediately if I feel your pet needs immediate medical attention.  I will take no chances, you're pets health is my priority and I will make sure they receive any medical help I feel they need as quickly as possible. By choosing me to care for your pet you give me permission to make a decision regarding your pets welfare if I cannot get in touch with you or your nominated contact immediately.  You will be responsible for any costs in relation to medical care and transport to and from the veterinary surgery.


Before I confirm care I will ask you a variety of questions about your pet including details on any medical conditions past and present so I am fully aware of your pets medical history.  I am extremely experienced in administering medication and can care for any pet that has any medical conditions.


I cannot be held responsible for any medical conditions that arise while I am caring for your pet, if I suspect your pet is unwell I will follow our procedure above to ensure I deal with the situation as quickly as possible.


Pet care is a vocation...


I believe that becoming a professional pet carer is a vocation, you have to be completely dedicated and committed to the care of each and every pet you look after.  You must be friendly, reliable, honest and endeavour to provide the very best care you can. 


I do not provide a service that is financially motivated which is why I do not charge extortionate rates for Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year.   Your pets health, happiness and well being is my priority as well as your peace of mind in the knowledge that your pet is cared for in the very best way possible, this is my motivation, I want to provide the very best pet care service you could ever want because my love for all animals, birds, fish and reptiles has no bounds, I am passionate about what I do and I hope that that will shine through when you meet me and trust me to love and care for your pet when you need me.

Please message me on 07973445099 to arrange an initial meeting to discuss what pet care you need and to meet me in person.

Rabbit sitting in Coggeshall, Essex
Cat Sitting in Coggeshall, Essex
Guinea Pig Sitting in Coggeshall, Essex
Cat Sitting in Coggeshall, Essex
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