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Hello, I am Denise, the founder of Essex Pet Sitting Service.  From a very young age I have had a deep love for  animals and have always felt the need to protect and care for them.   I have been told I have a very loving, friendly and nurturing nature and have always felt 'connected' to the animals, bird's, fish and reptiles I have been blessed to have cared for throughout my life.


In 2000 I began caring for pets professionally by cat sitting and dog walking in London, this was a dream come true and I loved travelling around London visiting and getting to know some beautiful cats and dogs, I have been privileged to have spent a lot of time at some of London's most beautiful parks including Hyde Park, Grosvenor Square and St James' Park.


In 2010 I moved to Essex and with the help of some wonderful people have continued to care for cats and small animals within the London area, many of the families who's pets we have cared for have become personal friends.


I have been providing pet sitting and dog walking services in Essex for five years now including cat, dog, small bird, reptile and fish care.  I have had a vast amount of experience caring for all types of pets and have experience of pets who have special needs and require the administration of medication. 


Whatever you need, I am here to help.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I look forward to meeting you and your pets very soon.


Best Wishes



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