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Taking a Dip with the Dogs

There is nothing better than watching the dogs I walk having loads of fun especially when they love water and can't wait to take a dip!

Today we went to an area along Convent Lane in Bocking, Essex. I've used this for my dog walking service many times and it's perfect as it has areas including a large pond, woodland and large areas where they can have a good run around. I normally try to stay away from areas where a large number of other dog walkers use but although there is always someone around with their dogs I've never had any real problems there.

Rosie and Arnie loved playing in the pond and running around on the rough ground where they had a great time chasing each other.

If you are in the area I would definitely recommend popping along to Convent Lane, it's a lovely location with different terrains for lots of adventures. 😊🐶

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