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Keeping Cool

Gosh it's too hot!

I've been super cautious with my fur friends in this heat, early morning walk for Otis and Mabel puppy, garden time for Yogi and paddling in the local pond with Rosie.

I never take any chances in the hot weather as each hour goes by I gauge the heat and make decisions on an hour by hour basis.

Obviously some breeds suffer more than others, there is nothing worse than seeing a dog suffering in the heat. I am completely responsible for the dogs I care for and their well being is paramount so if it means sitting in the garden in the shade rather than go for a walk then that's what I will do.

I know some dogs only go to the toilet outside their homes/gardens but personally I would rather risk them having an accident at home that burning their paws, them getting heatstroke or finding it hard to breathe...every moment counts and I will not take any chances.

Right now the temperature is reaching up to 35 degrees, incredibly hot so my days are filled with garden cuddles, early morning walks, quick dip in the local pond or the woods..

Roll on Autumn!

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