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How to stop a dog chewing you're stuff

I'm currently looking after two Labradors, the younger one, a chocolate lab called Cooper is being a little monster and chewing his way through everything from dining chairs, newly fitted carpet to sofas.  So what do you do if you have a puppy that liked to chew you're furniture?

Dogs chew for a number of reasons:

• boredom

• habit

• anxious and stress

• teething

• retrieval instincts

• relaxation

So what can you do about it?

Using anti chew sprays are worth a try, they taste horrible so you're dog will hopefully take one bite and won't want to chew it again!

Kongs are great, especially if they are frozen with marmite or peanut butter.  The key is to keep them occupied and focused on doing fun and interesting things while you are out.  Pretty much any hard wearing toys which you can fill with treats.

There are some great websites out there for more in-depth advice, a really good one is specifically for Labradors but the advice is appropriate for all breeds.  If you want to have a look, follow the link below:

Good luck!

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