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Weather Permitting

When you tell people you're a professional dog walker they always say oh I bet that's tough during the winter, actually there is no time of year that's more difficult than others, you just adapt to the weather depending on the day.

Obviously after a few days of freezing cold, driving rain and wind you occassionally wonder what on earth you are doing but as long as the dogs are happy and having a great time then coping with the weather makes it all worth it.

I never take chances with extreme weather, if it's scorching or absolutely freezing with snow blizzards then I gauge how the dogs are and if I think it would be fair to force them on a long walk if the weather may affect their health and well being.  

All clients put their trust in me to take the best care of their dogs, therefore trusting me to make a decision on their behalf if I think the weather is too extreme to take their dogs out, if that's the case then walks are either shortened or at home play during the duration of their booked time.

Whatever the weather we always have a great time, I try to make walks fun and change our walk location from day to day often opting for woodland and river walks on a hot day and covered woodland walks if it's raining.

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