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Finding the perfect dog walker can be extremely difficult, there are so many out there how do you chose the right one for you?  I believe it will be obvious as soon as you meet me that I have a wealth of experience in working with dogs, for me it is instinctive as I have been walking dogs for over 20 years and am so tuned into the dogs I walk. I instinctively know when they are happy, worried, scared, excited and so on.  I build up a very close relationship with my dogs (and their families) so you can be assured your dog will be extremely well looked after in my care.


The dog walking service I provide is completely tailored to what you need, I am extremely flexible and will discuss in depth with you when we meet for the first time everything about your dog including behaviour, temperament, health, habits and what you would like for your dog during their time with me.  You will be able to see for yourself, during the meeting how your dog interacts with me, you will get to know me as a person and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  

I like to keep our walks fun and interesting.   I tend to stay away from areas where there are a lot of members of the public with their dogs to avoid stressful situations for the dogs I care for.

If your dog is sociable then I will include them in my group walks,  I only walk up to four dogs at any one time and I make sure that your dog is introduced to a group that completely suits them depending on size and temperament.

During my dog walks I do not let the dogs I care for off the lead unless the owner has given permission. I need to be completely satisfied that the dog in my care listens to me, has had good recall training and has no behavioural issues that may result in unpleasant or dangerous situations with other dogs or people.

I am more than happy to feed your dog/s when I arrive or after the end of the walk as part of the service.

My Dog Walking Service is charged at £10.00, each additional dog from the same household will be an additional £5.00.

Unfortunately I DO NOT provide Home from Home Dog Boarding Services.

If you would like to make an enquiry then please Whatsapp or call me on 07973 445099 or email Denise Griffiths at




Important Information

I am more than happy to walk any dog breed however I will not be able to provide care if your dog pulls, has behavioural issues especially towards other dogs, children or people.  Is aggressive or in the case of dog sitting has separation anxiety and barks excessively if left alone for short periods of time.
I take my responsibilities extremely seriously and want to ensure that I provide the very best care available, I expect my clients to be completely honest about their dogs behaviour and history (as much as they can be, especially in respect of rescues) but my priority is your dogs well being as well as my health, safety and responsibilities.

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